Post: Student "making fun" of me?
    Posted by: What to do? on 10/12/13
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    I teach in a large high school. There is one student who I
    have never had in class, but he apparently knows me. (I
    have had relatives of his, and even know his aunt who
    taught at the school for over 40 years.) If I'm walking
    down the hall, all of a sudden he will start yelling my
    name (loudly) to get my attention. I'm guessing he is
    really doing this to get some type of reaction from his
    friends, and it makes me feel like I am the object of some
    type of joke. Should I say something to him about this? He
    really hasn't done anything *wrong* by calling my name, but
    it makes me kind of uncomfortable, and I know it is more
    out of disrespect than friendliness. What would you do/how
    would you approach the situation?

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