Re: Student "making fun" of me?
    Posted by: lynne on 10/13/13
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    Well, I don't know the tone of how he says it or the climate
    of your school, but if all he is doing is shouting your name
    when he sees you, you may be able to deal with it fairly
    simply without it being a "discipline" issue. Even if his
    intentions are not friendly I would respond to him as if they
    were - shout a friendly "hi" back to him or give him a wave
    and then go on about your business without focusing on him.
    Or ask about his relatives that were your former students if
    he's nearby enough to have a brief conversation in passing
    ("how's your brother doing?"). If his tone makes it clear that
    he's being disrespectful, if it takes place in the hallway and
    he's not your student I'd probably just ignore it.

    On the other hand if his tone is such that it's obvious he's
    being disrespectful and truly making you uncomfortable, you
    might talk with his current teacher and/or admin about it.
    Since he is not your student I would not confront him.

    Just my thoughts... I realize that from your description it's
    hard to capture the nature of the interaction but it seems to
    me that responding in a friendly way, or ignoring him, or
    discussing it with a staff member who does work with him
    (teacher or admin) would be appropriate depending upon how
    uncomfortable he is making you feel.

    On 10/12/13, What to do? wrote:

    > I teach in a large high school. There is one student who I

    > have never had in class, but he apparently knows me. (I

    > have had relatives of his, and even know his aunt who

    > taught at the school for over 40 years.) If I'm walking

    > down the hall, all of a sudden he will start yelling my

    > name (loudly) to get my attention. I'm guessing he is

    > really doing this to get some type of reaction from his

    > friends, and it makes me feel like I am the object of some

    > type of joke. Should I say something to him about this? He

    > really hasn't done anything *wrong* by calling my name, but

    > it makes me kind of uncomfortable, and I know it is more

    > out of disrespect than friendliness. What would you do/how

    > would you approach the situation?

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