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    Posted by: wannabe on 12/20/13
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    I would really like to become a principal, instructional
    coach, or a director of instruction. I know I obviously
    need to go back and get my Master's. I'm just not sure
    though how I will be able to do my Master's and work full
    time. It seems so overwhelming.

    I was thinking maybe taking a year or two off to work on my
    degree. Financially I would be able to do it, but I'm
    wondering if this is a good career move. I have 3 years of
    teaching under my belt after this year. I worry that
    schools won't hire me as a principal with only 3 years
    experience and/or want to hire me for teaching again after
    I left and returned with a principal license-I'm thinking
    that would be a red flag that I'm career climbing and won't
    be there for long.

    Any advice on what to do?

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