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    Posted by: Kate on 12/20/13
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    On 12/20/13, wannabe wrote:
    > I would really like to become a principal, instructional
    > coach, or a director of instruction. I know I obviously
    > need to go back and get my Master's. I'm just not sure
    > though how I will be able to do my Master's and work full
    > time. It seems so overwhelming.
    > I was thinking maybe taking a year or two off to work on my
    > degree. Financially I would be able to do it, but I'm
    > wondering if this is a good career move. I have 3 years of
    > teaching under my belt after this year. I worry that
    > schools won't hire me as a principal with only 3 years
    > experience and/or want to hire me for teaching again after
    > I left and returned with a principal license-I'm thinking
    > that would be a red flag that I'm career climbing and won't
    > be there for long.
    > Any advice on what to do?

    Most administrator grad programs are designed to accommodate
    the working professional. I completed my coursework while
    working as a teacher, raising 2 children, and holding another
    PT job as a coach. I don't say this to demonstrate that I'm
    wonder woman, but to show that with commitment you can do this
    while still working. Most of my course assignments required
    application within the school setting, so being actively
    employed as a teacher would help you get through the program
    and make you a better administrator. Completing assignments
    that relate to your job helps to raise you into leadership
    positions within your current district. Admin programs
    typically last 2 yrs if you take 2 grad courses per semester,
    plus summer courses. You can finish with 5 years of teaching
    under your belt. My advice would be to keep your current
    teaching position, explore programs that require short
    commutes from where you work, or consider reputable on-line
    programs. Being a leader within your current district will be
    the best investment you can make.

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