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    Posted by: teacher op on 12/30/13
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    I did contact a lawyer that a friend recommended. He wanted a $30,000
    retainer. I found another lawyer. for $5000, he didn't do anything. I
    just found out there are letters in my file preventing me from getting
    employment, from a friend who is more expert in union matters that I
    am. The union really didn't do much to help me. I will be removing
    these letters without a lawyer, but it's been 10 years since I've had
    a full time job with benefits. On 12/30/13, jme wrote:
    > True. Or how "teacher2" knows what "teacher op" did or did not do.
    > I'm sorry I
    > responded in the first place.
    > On 12/29/13, well
    > wrote:
    >> Not sure how she knows these things are in her personnel file
    >> from her former district unless said former teacher went in to
    >> HR
    >> and reviewed his/her file. In that case, she/he would have
    >> immediately informed the HR Director/Superintendent...kind of
    >> late now to be b i t c h i n g about it now.
    >> On 12/29/13,
    >> jme wrote:
    >>> Not sure what is related to what, but the fact us that
    >>> there are not enough
    >>> facts here to know whether there is
    >>> a cause of action for slander or for
    >>> wrongful termination
    >>> or for other causes of action. If I believed there were
    >>> illegal or incorrect, and harmful documents in my employee
    >>> file, I'd sure
    >>> seek advice from an attorney.
    >>> On
    >>> 12/29/13, teacher2 wrote:
    >>>> is related actually. The OP didn't
    >>>> fight to get her job
    >>>> back when she lost her job before. You might be able to
    >>>> contact the teacher association to get a lawyer to get
    >>>> them to remove the letters from your file
    >>>> which weren't signed, that shouldn't be a big deal. As
    >>>> far as getting another job
    >>>> On 12/29/13, teacher op wrote:
    >>>>> No I didn't win my job back. That was another teacher.
    >>>>> On 12/29/13, jme wrote:
    >>>>>> Again, that would depend on your state laws andtbe
    >>>>>> details of your case.
    >>>>>> Not sure of your problem though, since you won your
    >>>>>> job back and found a better one elsewhere.
    >>>>>> On 12/29/13, teacher wrote:
    >>>>>>> It's the illegal letters in my file that are
    >>>>>>> slander and libelous and preventing me from
    >>>>>>> getting another job. I live in NYC. It's too far
    >>>>>>> to go to another district.
    >>>>>>> On 12/29/13, jme wrote:
    >>>>>>>> Still, this has nothing to do with slander or libel.
    >>>>>>>> On 12/29/13, teacher wrote:
    >>>>>>>>> In my state, a "tenured" teacher
    >>>>>>>>> who is dismissed or contract not renewed can
    >>>>>>>>> file an appeal with a state board, and a
    >>>>>>>>> hearing will be held. This is stated on the
    >>>>>>>>> letter dismissing the teacher. However, the
    >>>>>>>>> appeal must be filed within 10 days, I
    >>>>>>>>> believe. Usually the teacher's association
    >>>>>>>>> will fund a lawyer. I know that this is not
    >>>>>>>>> the case in every state, so teachers, if you
    >>>>>>>>> are dismissed from your job, IMMEDIATELY seek
    >>>>>>>>> guidance from your teacher's association rep.
    >>>>>>>>> For the record - I know this because this
    >>>>>>>>> happened to me...and I won my job back with
    >>>>>>>>> back pay. I have since found a teaching
    >>>>>>>>> position in a better school district with
    >>>>>>>>> better pay in the same state.
    >>>>>>>>> On 12/28/13, teacher wrote:
    >>>>>>>>>> Is it true a teacher can sue a principal
    >>>>>>>>>> and assistant principal for slander,
    >>>>>>>>>> defamation and libel? Hope you all have
    >>>>>>>>>> insurance!

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