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    Posted by: ILadmin on 1/02/14
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    Is what you wish to file a grievance about a situation that can
    have a grievance filed?

    Generally, but not in all cases pending State law and contract
    language, a grievance is an alleged violation in either the
    application or interpretation of provisions of the collective
    bargaining agreement [contract] that covers the employee’s job
    classification [unit bargaining position].

    Additionally, there could be possible school policy language
    that is not specifically covered in a contract but policy
    working conditions. More than likely the best representation
    you would receive is from your association.

    Review the procedures for a grievance. I have seen several
    pre-grievance/mitigation steps that need to be followed before
    filing a grievance.

    As far as what people will do in certain situations that can
    only be found out when it happens.

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