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    Posted by: Forgot to mention.. on 6/26/14
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    I should also mention that I'm torn because I would feel
    uncomfortable leaving mid-year if I begin a new position as a
    CRT or dean for an AP position. This would mean that I would
    need to suspend my search until later in the year.

    On 6/26/14, Future Principal in Florida wrote:
    > I'm in a large district in Central Florida. It's fairly
    > competitive and I am happy to report that I just completed
    > the administrative pool process. (I should be able to apply
    > in three weeks.) I'm excited about the possibility of
    > landing an AP position, but I am also aware of the fact that
    > most AP's in my county were deans or CRT's first.
    > I left the classroom years ago to work as a reading coach,
    > but I went on to take several years off to raise my
    > children. I've also worked with pre-service teachers as an
    > instructor at a large university. I completed a rigorous
    > leadership program that included a "hybrid" approach to the
    > administrative internship (in elementary and middle school
    > settings).
    > I'm torn between staying put in my current position (and
    > applying for AP positions) and aggressively seeking a
    > leadership position for next year. I've heard that it is
    > possible to move directly from the classroom (but unlikely).
    > Thoughts? Would you even CONSIDER hiring a candidate who is
    > currently in the classroom? I have fantastic qualifications
    > and have been told that it may be possible for me, but I'm
    > feeling unsure of the decision to stay put.

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