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    Posted by: Soon to be AP (I hope!) on 6/29/14
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    Right.. I was saying that I would not feel comfortable leaving
    mid-year if I interviewed for and was offered an AP position.
    That's why I'm struggling... I'm hearing that a move from the
    classroom is unlikely, but I will be able to officially apply for
    AP positions in two weeks. I am torn between jumping in with both
    feet by staying in the classroom and hoping to get an AP position.
    (A move into an administrative position during the year would not
    be okay here.) I have a friend who is in the pool but hasn't left
    the classroom yet, and she has not even received a call for an
    interview. I'm in the Orlando area.. It is usually a competitive
    district, but many administrators are retiring this year. I think
    I might be able to stay put...

    Thanks for letting me think out loud on this issue. :) I really
    appreciate your response!

    On 6/27/14, lynne wrote:
    > It varies depending on the district or region. Where I am, many
    > AP's are hired directly from the classroom, but we don't have
    > deans, so as you can see our situations are different. I believe
    > some of our AP positions are equivalent to your deans. AP's are
    > hired directly from teaching here because there aren't many
    > other "stepping stones" in between those two positions.
    > As for the question about leaving mid-year, I think if you take
    > a position (any position: teacher, dean, AP) you should
    > anticipate having that position for the full school year. Where
    > I am on the west coast, most open positions occur at the
    > beginning of the school year (or summer) anyway; there aren't
    > many mid-year openings for positions of any kind. There are
    > occasional exceptions, of course, but it's two issues: will
    > there be openings and should you leave a position you've only
    > had for a short time. Unless there are unusual circumstances I'd
    > generally say no to both. (And although I realize this isn't
    > what you asked, I'll add: never take a position that you aren't
    > at least willing to fill for a year.)
    > I'm not sure how helpful this is since it's clear that our
    > regional situations are different, but I wish you good luck!
    > On 6/26/14, Forgot to mention.. wrote:
    >> I should also mention that I'm torn because I would feel
    >> uncomfortable leaving mid-year if I begin a new position as a
    >> CRT or dean for an AP position. This would mean that I would
    >> need to suspend my search until later in the year.
    >> On 6/26/14, Future Principal in Florida wrote:
    >>> I'm in a large district in Central Florida. It's fairly
    >>> competitive and I am happy to report that I just completed
    >>> the administrative pool process. (I should be able to apply
    >>> in three weeks.) I'm excited about the possibility of
    >>> landing an AP position, but I am also aware of the fact that
    >>> most AP's in my county were deans or CRT's first.
    >>> I left the classroom years ago to work as a reading coach,
    >>> but I went on to take several years off to raise my
    >>> children. I've also worked with pre-service teachers as an
    >>> instructor at a large university. I completed a rigorous
    >>> leadership program that included a "hybrid" approach to the
    >>> administrative internship (in elementary and middle school
    >>> settings).
    >>> I'm torn between staying put in my current position (and
    >>> applying for AP positions) and aggressively seeking a
    >>> leadership position for next year. I've heard that it is
    >>> possible to move directly from the classroom (but unlikely).
    >>> Thoughts? Would you even CONSIDER hiring a candidate who is
    >>> currently in the classroom? I have fantastic qualifications
    >>> and have been told that it may be possible for me, but I'm
    >>> feeling unsure of the decision to stay put.

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