Re: Feeling stressed?
    Posted by: Jill on 10/22/14
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    On 10/22/14, JSC wrote:
    > On 10/14/14, Teachers.Net Gazette wrote:
    >> Try these tips! The first one may be surprising, but if you
    >> think about it, it makes a lot of sense...
    > The strategies that can be shared with teachers are great! I
    > will use time at the staff meeting to allow teachers to make
    > a list of the things that they enjoy doing and writing down
    > their worries in order to cope better with their stressful
    > days. We know that teaching can be a stressful job and
    > providing the teachers with strategies to keep them less
    > stressed is important. Has anybody used these strategies with
    > their teachers? Have they found any success with teachers
    > feeling less stressed?

    As an administrator I have found them very useful. Teachers and
    staff appreciate the time to debrief before staff meetings. It
    was highly successful we shared at administrators meeting. If
    you need further information or would like to observe at our
    school please contact me.

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