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    Posted by: Gerry Adams on 11/03/14
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    Throwing this question out there and hoping someone with
    experience has a substantive answer...

    I've been accepted to two doctorate programs. One is a
    "podunk" university (still regionally accredited), but cheap
    enough where I can pay cash and come out debt free. The
    other is a large, very well known, nationally respected
    university, but will cost between 80-90k for the degree. My
    question is, is the alumni connection and prestige of an EdD
    from the second university worth the cost? Or does it not
    really matter where you got your EdD from, as long as the
    university is regionally accredited? Would I be passed on
    for higher admin jobs based on the fact that I have an EdD
    from a small, relatively unknown school?

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