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    Posted by: Prof Phil on 11/04/14
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    On 11/03/14, Gerry Adams wrote:
    > Throwing this question out there and hoping someone with
    > experience has a substantive answer...
    > I've been accepted to two doctorate programs. One is a
    > "podunk" university (still regionally accredited), but
    > enough where I can pay cash and come out debt free. The
    > other is a large, very well known, nationally respected
    > university, but will cost between 80-90k for the degree.
    > question is, is the alumni connection and prestige of an
    > from the second university worth the cost? Or does it not
    > really matter where you got your EdD from, as long as the
    > university is regionally accredited? Would I be passed on
    > for higher admin jobs based on the fact that I have an
    > from a small, relatively unknown school?

    I struggled with the same thing but apparently had more
    options than you. Not sure what you mean by "podunk but
    regionally accredited." I suggest a school that has a brick
    and mortar presence even though they may have on-line
    degrees...they should be reputable. I would avoid
    University of Phoenix or similar schools even though they
    may be regionally accredited. In academia schools that are
    not scholarly on some level will not open as many doors as
    you would like (I teach at a state university and they
    don't hire from UOP). To research schools I googled the
    degrees and schools I was interested in and found some
    graduates. Then I emailed them about how they liked their
    degree programs. I got some useful responses. For example
    for one program it turned out that half the courses were
    actually held at another school in a bad inner-city
    location. I finally choose a school that had name
    recognition as well as a solid program. I paid $40,000
    about 12 years ago. I don't regret it. Luckily my employer
    came through with some funding and the university even gave
    me a scholarship for about $5000. I would do it all over
    again. Good luck!

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