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    Posted by: Barb on 1/04/15
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    On 11/16/14, MacQ wrote:
    > On 11/07/14, Whiplash wrote:
    >> My principal has started picking at me and told me that if
    > we had a better
    >> relationship, he would be more inclined to give the the
    > benefit of the doubt.
    >> He also told me, "I'm you supervisor! I can do whatever I
    > want to you!" This
    >> is his first year as principal. He was perfectly fine as an
    > assistant principal,
    >> but he has really changed. He's very aggressive and easily
    > insulted. He
    >> went from being respectful of people's feelings to being
    > contemptuous. Is
    >> this likely to be permanent? How would you proceed?
    > His behavior is most likely a reflection of the way he is
    > treated from above. How to proceed? With professional
    > caution.

    Ask your principal questions. What type of better relationship
    is he looking for? Why does he need to give you the benefit of
    the doubt? He is your boss and he can probably ruin your career
    but he should not be threatening you by saying "I can do
    whatever I want to you!" How and in what manner was that said to
    you? Did you misunderstand his statement?

    Proceed very cautiously. It probably would not be wise to
    discuss this with fellow co-workers because the word will get
    back to him. However, discuss your problem with someone you can
    trust to give you sound advice. Don't email him or be alone with
    him. Protect yourself physically and emotionally. You may want
    to consider a transfer within your district and just remove
    yourself from this type of person.

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