Re: Abrupt Change
    Posted by: MacQ on 11/16/14
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    On 11/07/14, Whiplash wrote:
    > My principal has started picking at me and told me that if
    we had a better
    > relationship, he would be more inclined to give the the
    benefit of the doubt.
    > He also told me, "I'm you supervisor! I can do whatever I
    want to you!" This
    > is his first year as principal. He was perfectly fine as an
    assistant principal,
    > but he has really changed. He's very aggressive and easily
    insulted. He
    > went from being respectful of people's feelings to being
    contemptuous. Is
    > this likely to be permanent? How would you proceed?

    His behavior is most likely a reflection of the way he is
    treated from above. How to proceed? With professional

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