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    Posted by: Ann on 1/25/15
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    I retired after 30 years as a Speech teacher. I was tired
    and didn't have the stamina or patience I used to have. I
    worked all those 30 years without a break as I worked every
    summer as well. I was, in a sense, burned out. The
    word "retire" was never in my vocabulary and I hadn't
    planned to retire but my family persuaded me to make the
    move. I miss it terribly. I should have taken a leave of
    absence but hindsight is 20-20. I have been substituting
    and my energy is back. My creative juices are flowing
    again. I'm happy. My point: There will be a Speech
    position available in the school in which I've been
    subbing. I plan to apply but don't know what to say about
    my reason for retiring. If I say I was tired and burned
    out the principal may think that I made the right decision
    to retire and think that I'm still lacking the energy to
    teach again. If I say that I wasn't ready to retire and
    made the wrong decision, the principal may think that I
    can't make decisions and that I may not stay in the
    position if hired. Either way I look bad. What do you
    suggest I say when asked why I retired? Also, I'm
    65...a "young" 65. I always planned to retire at 90 with a
    piece of chalk in my hand (lol); if I am hired I would
    hopefully stay at least 10 years. Also, I'm wondering what
    your thoughts are on hiring older teachers. Teaching a
    small group of students in a Speech class is much different
    than teaching a classroom of 25 students. Thank you!

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