Re: Returning to Work
    Posted by: MacQ on 1/31/15
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    On 1/31/15, lynne wrote:
    > On 1/31/15, admin wrote:
    >> I'd be up front and simply say that when you retired you had
    > no
    >> idea how very much you would miss teaching. I'd then
    >> elaborate on what it is that you miss about it.
    > I agree with admin. You have a wealth of experience, which will
    > be in your favor. And you've been subbing in the district, so
    > they know that you "know what you're getting into" still...
    > you're not out of touch with any changes that have occurred and
    > you haven't "forgotten what it's really like in trenches" in
    > your retirement. The fact that you're subbing isn't a necessity
    > but it should be in your favor too.

    I agree with admin and lynne.

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