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    Posted by: concerned teacher.. on 2/18/15
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    We have a former Spanish teacher who is 73 and still
    working..she moved to ELD (English for non native
    speakers). I teach Spanish.

    This teacher is sick and it's stress related, but if she
    and the principal agreed she'd forego retirement that's
    not my business. BUT..
    1) This teacher was hired to teach one 3 hour class (the
    students no nothing so they are in one marathon class
    daily) and 2 standard she is the department
    head. But the teacher "doesn't want to" teach the 3 hour
    class, so THEY CALL IN SUBS DAILY!

    2) 7 subs have been willing to take on this class as a
    long term job..6 quit. I have befriended #7 :).

    3) Why did #2 happen?

    First, the class is TOTALLY out of control. The students
    swear literally every single minute, they run around
    screaming and throwing heavy objects, they leave the
    portable where the class is located without permission,
    dance on desks, etc.

    This teacher has flat out "fired" several subs (for poor
    classroom management) and asked them to leave.

    She blames subs for everything and yells at them.

    She demands that they always use the textbook--in a three
    hour multi lingual class of total beginners--and throws
    tantrums that teachers are "making it too hard" by
    "speaking in full sentences"!

    So.. I befriended sub #7; she speaks Spanish and wanted
    to see my classes. Hence I know all of the gossip above..
    But for some insane reason, sub #7 wants to stay.
    She asked if I could observe the class during my planning
    to help her.. sure.

    Here is what I saw:
    Teacher: Saif, please go sit in your assigned 3
    are talking in Arabic and not working.

    Saif: YOU..Spanish Spanish ALL DAY SPANISH..NEVER
    ENGLISH! Me no Arabic?? F--k you!

    Note: The teacher spoke NO Spanish when I observed.. she
    understood questions from Hispanic students and answered
    the students in English.

    Teacher: Work (she reads the book), speak Arabic..fine.
    No work.. no talking in Arabic. Move.

    Saif: continues along these lines..

    Anima: No learn; no English..Arabic Arabic ARABIC and you
    SPANISH SPANISH NO ENGLISH.. I go to another class!

    Teacher: If you could I would help you, but there is no
    other class for beginners here..

    Anima: My parents are coming.. you only Spanish, all
    Arabic, bad teacher!

    Then they all scream like this..

    Jorge: (when told to stop eating) I eat.. c-nt!

    A female student climbed onto the desk, gyrated, and
    rubbed herself all over provocatively.

    After school the teacher said "I WILL be "fired" when the
    "real teacher" hears that I have talked to Hispanics in
    Spanish.. and I am surprised she hasn't heard yet. When
    she hears she will tell me to leave.

    Good.. I said.

    But if I get removed from a long term sub job I don't
    think I can continue subbing--even in other schools--

    NO..a teacher can't "fire" a sub. Only an administrator
    can fire you.

    If she is the teacher of record and I am her helper, she
    legally can request my removal.

    Overall, I now feel that I need to confront the principal
    about all of this.

    I don't get to decide who teaches what..I get it!

    It's none of business if a teacher of record wants a
    teacher below her removed, nor do I get to learn the
    legal details of what happens next.. I get that, too!

    But this is just NOT ACCEPTABLE. do I approach this delicately and yet forcefully?

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