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    Posted by: ILadmin on 4/22/15
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    Illinois has a very detailed 'gift ban' statute as it relates
    to 'banned' sources. Banned meaning a gift can be received
    with limitations or not at pending what the gift is/for.
    General limits are $75.00 on food/beverages; $100 limit from
    certain sources in a year; big no, no regarding gifts that
    come from sources that would have a business relation and not
    a personal friendship with a procedure to make that

    With that said what you are asking about is more so from a
    parent/student to a school employee. That is not specifically
    covered unless that person is a 'restricted'/'banned' source
    with the limits put in place.

    Local district may set limits as well.

    In the case of a parent gift, many times the receiver says
    thank but I can't accept this or make a donation in kind to
    the classroom/school. We follow that approach.

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