Re: PT Teacher didn't get FT position
    Posted by: lynne on 4/24/15
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    On 4/23/15, Charity wrote:
    > This is my 1st year teaching my specialty in my current
    > district in a .5 position. One of the other teachers in my
    > department retired so interviews were conducted, but I did
    > not get the position. My observations were excellent, I had
    > letters of recommendation from the retiring teacher (my
    > dept. head and my mentor teacher) and two of my colleagues
    > were on the interview committee! Admittedly, my interview
    > was less than stellar, but I have proven my value in the
    > other capacities to the district. I feel insulted and it's
    > like a slap in the face, not to mention it's a little
    > embarrassing! Am I being too sensitive or...? Thanks.

    Are you still in your .5 position? Keep at it, and apply
    again when an opportunity arises. You said your interview
    was "less than stellar" and this most likely was the reason
    (and/or that the person who was hired had something that gave
    them an edge); often an interview panel has a set of criteria
    on which they rate candidates and this comes mostly from the
    interview. Use this interview as a learning experience to
    help you prepare for the next one - make the next one your
    stellar interview now that you have a better idea what to
    expect when interviewing for this type of position at this
    Often many of the candidates are excellent but ultimately
    only one can be selected; the fact that you weren't the "one"
    doesn't mean they don't value your abilities or that they see
    you as incapable or didn't want you. It just means that the
    person who was selected somehow came out ahead, maybe from
    the interview panel's checklist, maybe some extra
    qualification, etc. - it's likely that they are hoping you'll
    stick around and apply again for the next opening.

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