Re: I have my first AP interview on Tuesday!
    Posted by: storrsb on 5/14/15
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    On 5/03/15, Excited Educator wrote:
    > I've been working so long and hard to complete all my
    > requirements for Ed. Leadership--and to find a position
    > would allow me to get the experience I need to be
    > in an AP position.
    > I finally have an interview for this Tuesday!! It's for
    > multiple vacancies in an adjacent district. I'm getting
    > pretty excited. I think I have all my bases covered but
    > wondering if any of the administrators here have any tips
    > for me. I've been contributing to off/on for
    > about 15 years now and know how helpful people here can

    I hope your interview went well. Even though the interview
    is over, and I am not yet an administrator I think there
    are some keys to the interview process.
    1. Make sure you have a clear vision of where you would
    want to take the school and how you would do it. Try to be
    as specific with your vision as possible. Using "eduspeak"
    words aren't as impressive.
    2. Ask questions about the district you are interviewing in
    about some of the issues they are dealing with. Bring up
    the issues as this will show you have researched the
    3. Explain how you will be an instructional leader. This
    is especially true in today's world of teacher evaluations
    and testing.

    Again I hope you did well in your interview.

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