Re: I have my first AP interview on Tuesday!
    Posted by: Jan on 7/18/15
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    Thank you! Yes, I got the position! :)

    On 5/14/15, storrsb wrote:
    > On 5/03/15, Excited Educator wrote:
    >> I've been working so long and hard to complete all my
    >> requirements for Ed. Leadership--and to find a position
    > that
    >> would allow me to get the experience I need to be
    > successful
    >> in an AP position.
    >> I finally have an interview for this Tuesday!! It's for
    >> multiple vacancies in an adjacent district. I'm getting
    >> pretty excited. I think I have all my bases covered but
    > am
    >> wondering if any of the administrators here have any tips
    >> for me. I've been contributing to off/on for
    >> about 15 years now and know how helpful people here can
    > be.
    > I hope your interview went well. Even though the interview
    > is over, and I am not yet an administrator I think there
    > are some keys to the interview process.
    > 1. Make sure you have a clear vision of where you would
    > want to take the school and how you would do it. Try to be
    > as specific with your vision as possible. Using "eduspeak"
    > words aren't as impressive.
    > 2. Ask questions about the district you are interviewing in
    > about some of the issues they are dealing with. Bring up
    > the issues as this will show you have researched the
    > district.
    > 3. Explain how you will be an instructional leader. This
    > is especially true in today's world of teacher evaluations
    > and testing.
    > Again I hope you did well in your interview.

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