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    Posted by: Margaret on 7/11/15
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    I recently applied for a teaching position and was invited
    to interview for it. I am a horrible interviewee. I need
    time to digest the questions, gather my thoughts, process
    them and give a thoughtful answer. Besides being nervous I
    cannot come up with an intelligent answer in 10 seconds. I
    have many years of teaching experience and my long-term
    substitute assignments have been "Highly Effective"
    (APPR's). I feel that the proof is in the pudding, as they
    say. I am a good teacher and could probably teach the
    socks off the other applicants. Ironically there are many
    applicants who are good talkers, or BS-ers, who come out of
    an interview smelling like a rose without knowing much
    about anything. Can anything be done for people like me
    who just do not interview well but have so much to offer a
    school district?

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