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    Posted by: Retiree on 7/16/15
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    I know exactly how you are feeling. You are competing with
    young ones and the system loves newbies. They don't cost
    as much and are easy to mold. I would suggest subbing for
    awhile and inviting the principal to come in and observe you.
    No newbie can do that and that gives you a great advantage.
    I found an honest principal who favored quality over low cost
    or worse yet politics. You will too.


    > Practice, practice, practice!
    > Seriously, there are a variety of standard questions that are
    > asked at interviews -- Google interview questions for
    > teachers, and you'll come up with lots of different lists.
    > Formulate responses/talking points for the ones you see on
    > multiple lists and get somebody to ask you those questions.
    > Practice responding to those questions until you've got
    > down pat.
    > You should also have a list of "talking points" -- things that
    > you are good at that you want to make sure you highlight
    > during the interview. Listen to the questions and see
    > whether they lend themselves to any of your talking points.
    > You need to work on finding a way to improve your
    > interviewing skills if you want to be hired.

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