Re: Do I need teaching experience?
    Posted by: Arlo on 10/16/15
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    On 10/16/15, sped wrote:
    > This varies by state. I know Illinois recently required
    > that Principals must have teaching experience to enter an
    > admin program. Other ed professionals could serve as a
    > sped administrator, but not as a building principal.
    > In other states, they allow any educational professional
    > with a few years of experience to become an admin. These
    > professionals can be counselors, speech/language paths,
    > educational psychs, or social workers, in addition to
    > teachers. You might look into these other professions if
    > you want to work in education but not teach.
    > I'm not aware of any state that allows someone to come off
    > the street, with no teaching or related professional
    > experience, to become a licensed educational admin, but I
    > suppose there could be some inner-city program in very hard
    > to staff districts that might have an administrative
    > equivalent of Teach For America. Even then, they would
    > probably be looking for someone with proven leadership
    > ability in another field.
    > On 10/15/15, Gaby wrote:
    >> I'm in college and looking to become a school
    >> administrator
    >> (specifically, a high school principal). Based on some
    >> preliminary web
    >> searching, it looks like the standard route into school
    >> administration is:
    >> bachelor's degree -> teaching licensure -> teaching
    >> experience ->
    >> master's in school administration -> administration
    >> licensure. However,
    >> I've done extensive teaching in the past few years,
    >> and though I want
    >> to engage closely with students and teachers in my
    >> career, I'm not so
    >> keen on day-to-day teaching. Is there a way for me to
    >> become a school
    >> admin without having to work as a teacher for several
    >> years? Could I
    >> start working as a low-level admin out of college or
    >> grad school and
    >> then work my way up?
    >> Thanks!

    If you have not taught as a regular, full-time teacher for at
    least 5 years you will not have the respect of the faculty.

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