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    Posted by: Catholic School Principal on 6/29/16
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    I hire retired teachers. I hire new teachers. You just have to
    keep trying. I am looking for a part time Science teacher right
    now if you live in the West Virginia are. The key is not to give
    up. The right school is out there.

    On 6/29/16, rl wrote:
    > On 6/29/16, Anne wrote:
    >> I retired five years ago, not because I wanted to but
    > because I had a family
    >> health crisis at the time. I have been substituting on a
    > regular basis for the
    >> past three years. I want to go back to work but get no
    > replies to the
    >> applications I send out.
    >> I'm wondering why administrators who see my application
    > are not
    >> interested. I understand that they may want to give new
    > teachers a chance
    >> but if I am super qualified for the position, why not at
    > least let me interview
    >> for it?
    >> Should I give up or keep trying to find a school who will
    > hire a retiree?
    >> Thank you!!j
    > Admin see what they want to see. On the flip side, it's
    > really difficult for newbies to get their foot in the door
    > for the same reason: NO experience! It doesn't matter how
    > much passion they have or how eager they are, a lot of
    > admin won't give them the time of day because they're
    > inexperienced. It's really a pain. They grab and skim your
    > resume and are just looking for those "triggers" that
    > really excite them I suppose.
    > Unless you live in Arizona (or similar states), then
    > they'll pummel you down in the street to get you to teach
    > there.
    > Just keep applying and networking and continue to sub if
    > you have to. You may also consider pumping up your own
    > education by enrolling in classes. Admin wants to know what
    > you can do for them. Experience is good but are you
    > familiar with the lingo of today's classroom including the
    > common core standards and technology use? This is why I
    > resigned from my post and am going back to school for
    > Literacy Specialist. It's a high needs field.
    > Good luck.

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