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    Posted by: Jeannie on 7/02/16
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    Sadly, in many California districts, the newbies have the
    advantage. It isn't about experience but about cost. They can get
    two for the price of one.
    Also, some administrators to pliable teachers who will bend to
    every current trend. That's much easier to do with the newbies
    than the experienced.
    It may not be true in other places but it sure is here.
    And no, there is no teacher shortage in California.
    Good luck and hope you live out of state if you want to teach.
    Very happily retired.

    On 6/29/16, lynne wrote:
    > I agree with the others, don't give up. Are you applying in
    > the same schools where you're subbing, and where you
    > retired from? Make yourself known, apply where you're
    > known, and make it known that you're applying. Ask for
    > letters of rec and references from teachers you sub for, or
    > even admin at your schools. They are likely to help, and if
    > they refuse or write lukewarm ones, that'll tell you
    > something too.
    > Are there many openings where you are? Much competition for
    > jobs? It may be that your experience is typical of most
    > applicants; in some areas it just takes time.
    > Also make sure that you emphasize the ways you've kept up
    > with changes since your retirement. The other poster who
    > mentioned common core and technology is right on. Our
    > school has made huge changes in both areas in the past five
    > years, huge changes in the past year or two really. Change
    > happens faster and faster every year (not so much the
    > "throwing the baby out with the bathwater" type of change,
    > but certainly the "progress" type!)
    > On 6/29/16, Anne wrote:
    >> I retired five years ago, not because I wanted to but
    > because I had a family
    >> health crisis at the time. I have been substituting on a
    > regular basis for the
    >> past three years. I want to go back to work but get no
    > replies to the
    >> applications I send out.
    >> I'm wondering why administrators who see my application
    > are not
    >> interested. I understand that they may want to give new
    > teachers a chance
    >> but if I am super qualified for the position, why not at
    > least let me interview
    >> for it?
    >> Should I give up or keep trying to find a school who will
    > hire a retiree?
    >> Thank you!!j

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