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    Posted on 9/18/13
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    In my school, we do not accept food deliveries. Student lunch
    payments are via an account which is accessible electronically.
    The parents can put money into the student's account at any time,
    24/7. We also accept cash if the student brings that in, but
    calling students out of class to get lunch money is not a usual

    On 9/16/13, VA Parent wrote:
    > If you reread your question posed, I think you will have the
    > answer. Since when is a Front Office a pizza delivery
    > service!! And most high school students can survive a day
    > without lunch money by bumming it off their friends.
    > A more important question would be why the administration even
    > considered dealing with the first question? In our area high
    > school seniors can leave campus at lunch time so returning on
    > time or not might be a relevant question.
    > On 9/15/13, Nicole wrote:
    >> I also posted this on the main board.
    >> At your high school, do you allow food to be delivered to
    >> the front office for students? For example, a parent brings
    >> in a pizza to leave for her kiddo. If so, how is the
    >> student contacted?
    >> Do parents bring in lunch money for students who forget?
    >> Similar to the last question, how do you inform the
    >> students?
    >> I am an AP at a 4A HS and am gathering some information
    >> from various schools to see if we can restructure the way
    >> we are handling this situation.
    >> Thanks!

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