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    Posted by: lynne on 9/20/13
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    Ours is pretty much the same as Susan's. Students have a card which
    they use to pay for lunch and parents can put money in the account.
    (Also we have a high percentage of students who qualify for
    free/reduced price lunch, this is the reason for the cards... others
    cannot tell who is paying or has reduced price since everyone has
    the same card).

    Occasionally a club will order a pizza and it is handled by the
    student activities office. If a parent drops off something (food or
    otherwise) it also goes to the student activities office and the
    student is sent a note/pass to class with instructions to pick it up
    between classes or some other non-disruptive time (not during
    class). But no, we do have parents dropping off food all the time!

    On 9/18/13, Susan wrote:

    > In my school, we do not accept food deliveries. Student lunch

    > payments are via an account which is accessible electronically.

    > The parents can put money into the student's account at any time,

    > 24/7. We also accept cash if the student brings that in, but

    > calling students out of class to get lunch money is not a usual

    > practice.


    > On 9/16/13, VA Parent wrote:


    >> If you reread your question posed, I think you will have the

    >> answer. Since when is a Front Office a pizza delivery

    >> service!! And most high school students can survive a day

    >> without lunch money by bumming it off their friends.


    >> A more important question would be why the administration even

    >> considered dealing with the first question? In our area high

    >> school seniors can leave campus at lunch time so returning on

    >> time or not might be a relevant question.




    >> On 9/15/13, Nicole wrote:

    >>> I also posted this on the main board.


    >>> At your high school, do you allow food to be delivered to

    >>> the front office for students? For example, a parent brings

    >>> in a pizza to leave for her kiddo. If so, how is the

    >>> student contacted?


    >>> Do parents bring in lunch money for students who forget?

    >>> Similar to the last question, how do you inform the

    >>> students?


    >>> I am an AP at a 4A HS and am gathering some information

    >>> from various schools to see if we can restructure the way

    >>> we are handling this situation.


    >>> Thanks!

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