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    Posted on 11/28/13
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    Thanks everyone for your thoughts. Yes, I did check with my
    retirement system and I am able to work full time in a public
    school without any restrictions. I just want to clarify a few
    things for one of the posters who responded. I don't necessarily
    want to work in a special ed classroom but feel that having the
    certification would be another tool in my toolbox. My preference
    would be to go back to teaching reading or to work in a resource
    room. I retired only because my family needed me at that
    particular time. My family has and always will come first. I
    should have taken a leave of absence but hindsight is 20-20.
    Also, I had a frank discussion with my superintendent regarding
    rescinding my retirement and she told me that although I was one
    of the districts best teachers she had to weigh the budgetary
    needs of the district with my own needs..... I was simply too
    expensive. Ironically, the teacher that replaced me left after 2
    years, which proves that younger teachers provide no more
    guarantee of staying with the district than an older teacher.
    Finally, although I have a pension I also have a mortgage and the
    same expenses as everyone else. Most people know when they are
    going to retire and pay off their mortgage I
    said, my decision to retire was sudden and unexpected. I want to
    work because I enjoy it but also for financial reasons.

    On 11/27/13, well... wrote:

    > Being a special education teacher is NOT easy. You'd
    have to

    > learn all the paperwork, etc. It's a tough job. Personally I

    > wouldn't hire an older lady like yourself to take on that job.

    > You need a lot of energy to keep up with the dynamics of a

    > special ed. classroom and the paperwork. Lots of special ed.

    > teachers burn out after a couple years and go to regular

    > education. Plus there's the fact that you aren't exactly a

    > sure thing. You changed your mind right after you made the

    > decision to retire. Who is to say you wouldn't immediately

    > leave after stepping foot one day in a special education

    > teachers' shoes? No offense, but I would see an older lady

    > interviewing and think "I can get someone younger with a

    > fresher perspective who is really hungry for this job and

    > will have the energy to thrive at this position." You don't

    > really need the job (or you wouldn't have retired in the

    > first place). You've had your moment in the sun, now
    let the

    > younger generation have their opportunity. Also, were you

    > really well-liked in your last district? I'm guessing "no"

    > or they would have rescinded your retirement request

    > instantly. They didn't. They really didn't want you back.

    > So..think about've had your best years in teaching,

    > let it go. You don't have what it takes anymore to be the

    > best, and that's what principals want. You're not the bargain

    > and bang for the buck you think you are. (No offense, it's

    > just that your prime has passed in the teaching world, a

    > you yourself acknowledged by retiring in the first place.) Go

    > travel! Volunteer! Garden! Join a ladies card club!

    > knitting club! Or cooking club! ENJOY your life. On

    > 11/24/13, Anne wrote:

    >> Any opinions from administrators are much appreciated. I

    >> retired and found that I made a huge mistake. I earned

    >> additional certification in special education to make

    >> myself more marketable to employers. (I already have

    >> elementary education and reading certification). Now I'm

    >> finding that I'm not even getting responses to my

    >> applications...not even rejection letters! I'm a good

    >> teacher and any school would be getting more bang for their

    >> buck by hiring me. I have experience, knowledge (multiple

    >> certifications), wisdom and most of all ...passion for my

    >> profession. I'm 65 but by today's standards that is not

    >> old, in fact people are working well into their 70's

    >> today. As far as salary I would not expect top of the

    >> scale pay since I receive a pension. (I considered that my

    >> pension may be a reason for not hiring me but what about

    >> other applicants who have husbands bringing in an

    >> additional income as well? I also considered that employers

    >> want an employee who will work for them at least 15-20

    >> years....fine, but there's no guarantee that younger

    >> employees will work that long....marriage, divorce, moving,

    >> pregnancy, raising a family, etc.). I'm energetic and

    >> have no physical limitations. Personally I can't understand

    >> why a school district would not want to at least interview

    >> me. Did I waste my time and money earning this additional

    >> certification? Do I have a chance of being hired anywhere?

    >> Any input or suggestions are welcomed!

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