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    Posted on 11/28/13
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    I was re-reading your post and, although it may not have been
    your intent, I have taken offense at some of your assumptions. I
    have lots of energy. I substitute nearly every day and am not a
    dish rag at the end of the day like many of the "young"
    teachers. Paperwork? I love it. My former job as a reading
    teacher involved tons of paperwork and record-keeping. After
    over 30 years in the same position, same school, even the same
    classroom I think I'm a pretty sure thing. I don't change my
    mind every day. My retirement was sudden and unexpected and
    involved emotional family-related issues. Also, you assume that
    because I wasn't allowed to rescind my retirement I was not well
    liked. In case you haven't noticed, the days of the good old
    boys are gone. If an employee costs too much and there is a
    chance to get rid of him/her they find a way to do it! (I had
    been paid a substantial retirement incentive at the time of
    retirement, by the way). It has only been 2 years since I retired
    and I've kept up with any changes that have occurred since then
    via substituting (as well as the courses I've taken in special
    ed). It's not as if I've been retired for 20 years and decided to
    return to teaching! Knitting? How old do you think I am...80?
    I'm an energetic, enthusiastic, healthy (physically and mentally)
    person who is capable of teaching a classroom full of children.
    So, as I said, perhaps you didn't intend to come across as mean
    and insulting, but you did. I hope I cleared up any

    On 11/27/13, well... wrote:

    > Being a special education teacher is NOT easy. You'd
    have to

    > learn all the paperwork, etc. It's a tough job. Personally I

    > wouldn't hire an older lady like yourself to take on that job.

    > You need a lot of energy to keep up with the dynamics of a

    > special ed. classroom and the paperwork. Lots of special ed.

    > teachers burn out after a couple years and go to regular

    > education. Plus there's the fact that you aren't exactly a

    > sure thing. You changed your mind right after you made the

    > decision to retire. Who is to say you wouldn't immediately

    > leave after stepping foot one day in a special education

    > teachers' shoes? No offense, but I would see an older lady

    > interviewing and think "I can get someone younger with a

    > fresher perspective who is really hungry for this job and

    > will have the energy to thrive at this position." You don't

    > really need the job (or you wouldn't have retired in the

    > first place). You've had your moment in the sun, now
    let the

    > younger generation have their opportunity. Also, were you

    > really well-liked in your last district? I'm guessing "no"

    > or they would have rescinded your retirement request

    > instantly. They didn't. They really didn't want you back.

    > So..think about've had your best years in teaching,

    > let it go. You don't have what it takes anymore to be the

    > best, and that's what principals want. You're not the bargain

    > and bang for the buck you think you are. (No offense, it's

    > just that your prime has passed in the teaching world, a

    > you yourself acknowledged by retiring in the first place.) Go

    > travel! Volunteer! Garden! Join a ladies card club!

    > knitting club! Or cooking club! ENJOY your life. On

    > 11/24/13, Anne wrote:

    >> Any opinions from administrators are much appreciated. I

    >> retired and found that I made a huge mistake. I earned

    >> additional certification in special education to make

    >> myself more marketable to employers. (I already have

    >> elementary education and reading certification). Now I'm

    >> finding that I'm not even getting responses to my

    >> applications...not even rejection letters! I'm a good

    >> teacher and any school would be getting more bang for their

    >> buck by hiring me. I have experience, knowledge (multiple

    >> certifications), wisdom and most of all ...passion for my

    >> profession. I'm 65 but by today's standards that is not

    >> old, in fact people are working well into their 70's

    >> today. As far as salary I would not expect top of the

    >> scale pay since I receive a pension. (I considered that my

    >> pension may be a reason for not hiring me but what about

    >> other applicants who have husbands bringing in an

    >> additional income as well? I also considered that employers

    >> want an employee who will work for them at least 15-20

    >> years....fine, but there's no guarantee that younger

    >> employees will work that long....marriage, divorce, moving,

    >> pregnancy, raising a family, etc.). I'm energetic and

    >> have no physical limitations. Personally I can't understand

    >> why a school district would not want to at least interview

    >> me. Did I waste my time and money earning this additional

    >> certification? Do I have a chance of being hired anywhere?

    >> Any input or suggestions are welcomed!

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