Posted by: HS Teacher on 5/20/14
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    I think that you intervened in good faith, so I wouldn't worry
    too much about what you did.

    However, what the girls did could be considered bullying, so I
    would report it as such. I hope your school/district has an
    anti-bullying policy and procedures to follow.

    On 5/20/14, MacQ wrote:
    > On 5/20/14, Andrew wrote:
    >> To make a long story short, one of my grades went away on a
    >> class trip. One of the students did not go on the trip. Th
    >> is particular student did not come to school that day. Whil
    >> e on the trip, two separate students texted her, one telling
    >> her that lots of people were saying that she( the girl not
    >> on the trip) was saying bad things about the girl doing the
    >> texting, and another saying that nobody liked her, that she
    >> was two faced. This upset the girl who came in with her mot
    >> her to complain. I took down the information and decided to
    >> put a stop to this. I called both numbers that were textin
    >> g the girl. I left a simple message not to text the other s
    >> tudent again as it could be considered bullying. I spoke wi
    >> th the second student and said the same thing. I realize th
    >> at a Principal should not be calling a student's cell phone,
    >> but the student was very upset and I made a decision to put
    >> a stop to it. Was I wrong to do this? Should I have follo
    >> wed policy and not called? I feared the student was startin
    >> g to get more upset as she had us conduct a bully investigat
    >> ion the previous week. I welcome any input as I can acknowl
    >> edge I broke policy, but felt I was justified in doing so.
    > You have a policy in your school which prevents calling a
    > student on the phone? I could see that if it was your
    > personal phone to student's phone...but I will assume that
    > you were at school, used a school phone, and it sure seemed
    > like it was school business as bullied student was at school
    > and bullying students were on a school trip.
    > What the he11 did policy dictate; do nothing?

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