Posted by: Kate on 5/21/14
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    Sorry, but I disagree with the other posters. I do think this
    could potentially be a problem for you. These days all schools
    should have a bullying response plan that all staff are
    expected to activate should there be a whiff of bullying. This
    would include cyberbullying (texting). The communications
    between the girls may or may not meet the criteria for
    cyberbullying, but an administrator doesn't decide that until
    after conducting a comprehensive inquiry. Your handling of this
    situation in an informal manner could open you up to a failure
    to follow school district policy complaint. I agree that it
    would appear that you intervened in good faith, but the
    response from Central Admin could be to support you, but also
    may be problematic if failure to respond is considered a
    serious breach in your district. If something does come of this
    my advice would be to stay focused on your interest in
    supporting all 3 of the girls, which is why you responded in
    this informal manner. I wish you the best.

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