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    Posted by: Absolutely Appalled on 2/11/15
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    Someone wrote to the Administrators Mailring and raised
    the issue of whether the state in which the school is
    located "allows recording without notification of all parties."

    In fact, it definitely does.

    A convenient way to find out whether a state requires
    notification of all parties on a recording is to check the
    website of Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.

    Here is the state-by-state Reporter's Recording

    Since the recording is legal, and there are no issues
    involving the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
    (FERPA), the recording of the principal may be disclosed
    to other individuals or the media.

    On 2/10/15, Absolutely Appalled wrote:
    > There is a recording that Teacher A has (Teacher A
    recorded Principal B
    > when she was called to the office) where Principal B
    basically tells all. She
    > admits that Assistant Principal C and Assistant Principal
    D are vindictive.
    > She says that if we don't like you (teachers), we can get
    rid of you.
    > Principal B says that she has no friends. She knows
    Assistant Principal C
    > and Assistant Principal D would not stand up for her if
    the circumstances
    > require. She knows her so-called friends were the ones
    who leaked the
    > information to Teacher E and Teacher A.
    > Anyway, Teacher E listened to this recording. I would like
    to use it for my
    > benefit too. Teacher E is saying that Teacher A would
    give it to Investigator
    > F. Investigator F wrote me that he is on vacation until
    > Is there somewhere else this recording can go? Chief
    Investigator G is pro
    > administration. Teacher A doesn't talk to me directly
    either. She is afraid of
    > the administration.
    > Meanwhile, Assistant Principal C is trying to trade issuing
    good observation
    > reports for good words about her. Assistant Principal C
    wants staff
    > members to state that she has been supportive. She
    went to Teacher H,
    > who is nontenured, and made some deal with her.
    Teacher H went for it as
    > she is up for tenure. So, Teacher H sold out as well.
    Assistant Principal C
    > evidently was going to give Teacher H a bad informal
    observation report,
    > but said she wanted to see her after school and off
    school property.
    > Teacher H went for it. Teacher I, who does not have
    tenure and is jealous,
    > probably was the one who told that Assistant Principal C
    made some
    > corrupt deal. She, at least, told Teacher A. Secretary J
    confirmed it.
    > Also, I am not sure if Investigator F was at the school
    exactly twice. I
    > believe it was, at least, twice. Secretary J said that it was
    two women who
    > talked to the secretaries. The two women asked if
    Assistant Principal C
    > sold insurance at the school. Secretary J said that it was
    true. Secretary J
    > hates the administration and won some case against
    them years ago. She
    > has told the administration that if they ever bother her
    again, she will take
    > them down. However, I have few people willing to talk.
    > I spoke to one of my former parents from the Dual
    Language program over
    > the weekend. The mother indicated that she is upset.
    Teacher K is not
    > teaching in Spanish. Also, they moved some problematic
    child from
    > Teacher H's class to Teacher K's class. The child is not
    Latino so he
    > doesn't really belong in a Dual Language program class.
    He is bothering
    > all the other children. A really smart child from my former
    class was
    > transferred to Teacher H's class probably because of
    complaints that there
    > is not a Dual Language program anyway.
    > I will ask Teacher L if there is something that he suggests
    that I can make
    > happen with parents.
    > Also, the Union never told me about the fact that they
    had set up an email
    > address for the reporting of harassment.

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