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    Posted by: Absolutely Appalled on 2/13/15
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    With respect to numbered sentence 4, Assistant Principal C
    has been offering to issue positive observation reports, both
    formal and informal, to teachers who say positive things
    about her when asked questions by any school investigator.

    With respect to numbered sentence 5, the selling involved life
    insurance to teachers during the school day, and inside the
    school. Many teachers were approached by Assistant
    Principal C about purchasing life insurance. Assistant
    Principal C would benefit financially (by receiving a
    commission) by selling it.

    With respect to numbered sentence 8, the Dual Language
    program is supposed to be a fifty-fifty program. If fifty percent
    instruction were done in Spanish as required, a non-Latino
    child would not be able to enter the class at the half-point
    mark. He would be too far behind. The school receives
    Federal funding for its Dual Language program, but does not
    provide instruction in Spanish. Assistant Principal C
    transferred the problematic child from Teacher H's class to
    Teacher K's class because she wants teachers to state she is
    supportive even though she has been very harassing in the
    past, including toward Teacher H. I'm a friend of Teacher H
    as she was a part of the same grade team that I was when I
    worked in the school.

    With respect to numbered sentence 9, the transferring of
    children is another example of how Assistant Principal C
    manipulates the school to her benefit. The parents do not
    know what is happening or why. Assistant Principal C has a
    volatile personality and can't control herself. She wrote a
    falsely negative informal evaluation of me.

    With respect to numbered sentence 10, let me clarify. There
    is no information on the website of the Teachers Union about
    a special email address that was set up for the reporting of
    harassment. That information was made public around ten
    years ago, well before the time that I had become a teacher,
    but was only something that I had found out about recently
    from a government agency in response to an

    With respect to looking up which states allow recording, the
    state that I reside in has a "one-party consent" law. The
    guide was provided only for informational purposes, just in
    case readers would like to be aware of the situation in their
    own states. Therefore, the recording was legal and can be
    disclosed without penalty.

    With respect to your comment about the "rumor mill," the
    information being leaked is reliable even though it is coming
    from secondhand or thirdhand sources. Some information
    was leaked to me while I was on staff at the school and I had
    an opportunity to do my own sleuthing. From my
    perspective, the gossip is true as I witnessed similar or
    identical events (to those currently being recounted) taking
    place during my time at the school. Much of the information
    can be verified. For example, many teachers have
    disciplinary or warning letters in their personnel files about
    matters that are either trivial or invented, and who shared the
    letters with colleagues in the lounge. There has been a great
    deal of turnaround of new teachers. The Administration has
    hired long-term per diem substitutes who do not need to have
    state teaching licenses, but who just simply have a bachelor's
    degree, and who have been approved by the central
    administration. In my state, a teacher's license(s) can be
    verified by any member of the public who visits the website of
    the State Department of Education. In the weekly
    administrative bulletin to staff, Principal B writes (as one of
    her favorite methods for intimidating the staff) that a
    disciplinary proceeding is occurring.

    probationary teacher who was discontinued from the school
    about a half-year before I was up for tenure. In my opinion,
    the discontinuance was both arbitrary and capricious. In this
    particular school district, which is metropolitan, being
    discontinued is equivalent to being "blacklisted," and one can
    no longer work anywhere within the district.

    The school is a hostile, toxic environment, and there is a
    great deal of corruption. It is also a gossip mill.
    Unfortunately, I am sill learning a lot of derogatory gossip
    about what occurs there. There are several teachers and a
    secretary who regularly communicate with me as they are not
    happy with the ongoing abuse of power that takes place
    within the school.

    I would like to have the administration removed and replaced,
    not out of revenge or spite on my part, but to benefit the
    students and current staff at the school.

    Since I no longer work at the school, I'm not sure what I can
    do in furtherance of such removal and replacement. The
    administration is currently under investigation, but the
    investigators get paid out of the school district's budget and
    tend to be heavily biased in favor of the administration.

    Principal B had her Union representatives come to the school
    this week as she is overwhelmed with how to handle the
    investigations. Principal B continues to state to the staff that
    she has no friends meaning that she wants to give the new
    appearance of impartiality. However, Principal B cannot all of
    sudden be impartial. For example, the Teachers Union
    representative inside the school and the principal are close
    friends, even to the extent of being in each other's Facebook
    Friends List. The Union rep did not want to file any grievance
    for me. He even provided me with false information such as
    that a grievance has to be filed within fifteen school days
    when, in fact, the correct number is thirty school days. In my
    opinion, this was done in order to protect the interests of the
    administration by not having me file a grievance.

    On 2/11/15, okay.. wrote:
    > A bit difficult to follow the original post with so many "A
    > said that B said that C"... but this is what I got:
    > 1. A principal called two AP's "vindictive".
    > 2. That same principal said she has no friends.
    > 3. That same principal said she could get rid of teachers
    > doesn't like.
    > 4. A teacher and a secretary said that one of the AP's is
    > giving good evals in exchange for "good words" (to whom?)
    > about the AP.
    > 5. That same secretary told a teacher that she had told an
    > investigator that insurance was being sold at the school (for
    > what? to students or employees? by whom?)
    > 6. That same secretary has said that if admin bothers her
    > will "take them down".
    > 7. A parent said that a teacher in the dual language
    > is not teaching in Spanish.
    > 8. A non-Latino child is in a dual language program (what's
    > the problem there? in many dual immersion programs that
    > be highly encouraged)
    > 9. A smart child was moved from one class to another.
    > the issue here isn't clear)
    > 10. The teachers' association did not share its email
    > with a teacher.
    > Are you a current employee at this school? You mention
    > mostly "former" parents, your "former" class, etc. You gave
    > us a link in your second message to look up which states
    > allow recording, but you never said which state you're in, so
    > I'm not sure how that helps.
    > I doubt that the rumor mill and second- or third-hand info
    > can be trusted. It sounds as though this school has a lot of
    > rumors and personality clashes. That can be a major
    > but what you are asking here, or wanting to do, isn't clear.

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