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    Posted by: Retiree on 4/18/16
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    It would be nice and ideal if the info. below was correct but sadly it
    isn't. CTA gave up tenure rights along time ago. Instead of it
    being three years for tenure year, it's only two years. Well with it,
    a non tenured fully credentialed, fully qualified teacher can be let
    go and they DO NOT have to state a reason other than, "You will not
    be back next year." Prior to the two year tenure, help was provided
    for struggling teachers and if they still didn't succeed they could let
    them go. This is absolutely correct and was explained by a CTA
    attorney. It would be great if the purpose was weeding out failing
    teachers alone. However, if a political hack is waiting in the wings
    for a position, they may get the job. Nice huh??? I think the old
    three year tenure system was far better, but I'm an oldie and there
    are lots of things I liked better in the past.
    I do know someone who was strung along for about five years and
    still not rewarded tenure. Yes, they CAN DO that!! Fair, no, but it
    So glad I taught when I did and got out when I did. I never had any
    problems but if I would have help would have been nice.

    > All fully-credentialed California teachers working in
    > regularly-funded, non-temporary positions in public schools
    > earn permanent status on the first day of their third year.
    > If they do not it is because of one of the following specific
    > circumstances:
    > (a) the teacher is on a temporary contract or is working in a
    > categorically-funded position and has never worked in a
    > regularly-funded non-temporary position;
    > (b) the teacher is not fully credentialed (i.e., has an
    > emergency credential or substitute permit in place of a
    > preliminary credential or clear credential);
    > (c) the teacher works in a private school, since private
    > schools set their own rules regarding certification and
    > employment status.
    >> On 4/05/16, Concerned employee wrote:
    >>> After working for a school district for four years could a
    >> school district hire a
    >>> teacher back the fifth year but not give the teacher
    >> tenure?

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