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    Posted by: lynne on 10/01/13
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    This is fairly normal. Mine was not called an "internship" (it was
    called "field experience") but it was very similar to what the original
    poster described. It is meant to give a future admin a variety of
    experiences since administrators do have a variety of responsibilities in
    real life as well (and the certification being earned, qualifies the
    candidate for all of them). Administrators frequently work evenings
    (athletic events, after-school meetings) and weekends (event supervision,
    catching up) and activities often can be completed during those hours. 90
    hours over two months comes out to about 2 hours a day as an average and
    in reality it will probably be 5 hours some days (Friday night sports
    supervision from 5-10, a Saturday activity from 8-1, Sunday working on
    testing logistics from home 2-7) and other days none. It makes for long
    days, but so does administration in general. It's do-able and good
    experience; good luck!

    On 9/30/13, Other Options wrote:


    > I guess my question would be that usually one tries to take an

    > internship in an area that one wants to develop a skills set in and gain

    > expertise in to be able to then apply for jobs to move into that area.

    > While it happened to work for Nicole sandwiching in a variety of tasks,

    > I would think for many, if not most, administrative positions that

    > having a solid record of so many hours full-time in a particular

    > position would be the way to go. And maybe to think about what the

    > internship experiences of others who might be competing for the same

    > position would be is important. 90 hours obviously sandwiched in at

    > this and that task versus 90 hours+ in the direct line job that one is

    > seeking.




    > On 9/29/13, Nicole wrote:

    >> I worked every conference and planning period with an AP. I also

    >> assisted with testing and ESL, invaluable experience. I also did

    >> research for the principal on expanding the AP program...all legit

    >> hours. In fact, I put in more because I wanted a job at the

    >> HS.....and I got it! Work your tail off!!! BTW, I was taking 9 grad

    >> hours and teaching HS pap English and remediation courses at the

    >> time. It can be done and done well. You will have no social life and

    >> hopefully have a supportive spouse:)


    >> 9/25/13, ..busy intern AND teacher wrote:

    >>> I'm sorry.. I forgot to say that I'm supposed to complete 30

    >>> hours a month in September, October, and November. Everything

    >>> has to be turned in at the end of the November, so it ends up

    >>> being around 8 to 10 hours per week.


    >>> Thanks to you both for the ideas.


    >>> On 9/23/13, mc wrote:

    >>>> I remember candidates (who were usually heads of departments

    >>>> but teaching full time) getting experience in the main office

    >>>> when administration was out and when extra administration was

    >>>> needed. Ideally, your principal should be aware and on board

    >>>> with what you are doing. Also, what about night school or

    >>>> summer school positions?




    >>>> On 9/22/13, Busy intern AND teacher in Florida! wrote:

    >>>>> I'm currently teaching 8th grade language arts while taking

    >>>>> my last two courses for administrative certification. One

    >>>>> of these courses is the internship, and I've chosen an

    >>>>> approach that incorporates both elementary and middle

    >>>>> school experiences.


    >>>>> The challenge is finding the time to complete the required

    >>>>> 90 hours of experiences while teaching full-time. I have a

    >>>>> few colleagues who have done this while working in an

    >>>>> administrative position, such as a dean or even as a CRT.

    >>>>> They reported few issues due to the nature of their jobs.


    >>>>> I'm trying to avoid taking personal days, but I'm not sure

    >>>>> how I'll be able to complete the hours without taking time

    >>>>> off. I did not do this over the summer because I wanted to

    >>>>> have the chance to work with a principal while school was

    >>>>> in session.


    >>>>> I would appreciate any suggestions for tasks that could be

    >>>>> completed outside of school. I'm looking at planning a

    >>>>> brief inservice of some kind, doing some data analysis at

    >>>>> home, and so forth.


    >>>>> I would also like to hear any suggestions regarding

    >>>>> experiences you feel are absolutely essential for the

    >>>>> internship. I will be taking some personal days next month.


    >>>>> Thanks in advance for any help you can provide

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