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    Posted by: Update from Intern on 10/06/13
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    Since writing at the end of the month, I've been feeling a lot
    better about my approach. I'm able to make it through the entire
    internship with only TWO days out of school. I did about 15)
    hours the week before pre-planning (in my elementary placement).
    That is a neighboring district with a different schedule. I am
    doing another 15 hours in that district this month when we have
    two days off when they are IN session.

    I am not the type to take time off work for an internship. My
    students are my priority. This is why I posted here asking for
    support. I think missing two days in three months will be
    doable. The internship will be completed at the end of November,
    and I haven't taken any time off yet. I've been doing
    observations during planning and coming in at the crack of dawn
    to make up for lost time.

    I didn't want to do a summer placement because I wanted to get
    more out of the experience that interviewing and inventory. I
    wanted to get my hours in when school was in session in order to
    get the most authentic experience possible.

    Thanks for your response.

    On 9/29/13, First question needs to be, "What's best for my
    students?" wrote:
    > Address the situation immediately with the college you're
    > PAYING to get you through the admin credentialing process.
    > Remember that you are their CUSTOMER, and they should be
    > helping you with an appropriate placement. They really should
    > have done this over the summer. I've never heard of an
    > administrative internship, but it obviously shouldn't involve
    > working full-time in a position that has nothing to do with
    > administration, then scrambling around to do 90 extra hours in
    > admin work...when, after school??
    > Honestly, I'm not seeing any way that's going to work well for
    > anyone. You WILL need to take time off to, effectively, take
    > on a second job during the hours you're already working.
    > That's absolutely cheating the students. It's reprehensible
    > that your college advisers even allowed the situation to get
    > this far.
    > If you want to stay in the classroom, tell your college that
    > you need to complete the admin credential next semester, or
    > over the summer, or next year, when you'll have time to do it.
    > If you really want to complete the internship now, then you
    > need to get out of the Language Arts gig so you can do that,
    > and so the students have either a good long-term sub or a
    > replacement teacher who can give them their full attention.
    > Language Arts is too important a subject, particularly in
    > eighth grade, for the teacher to be coming and going, trying to
    > cut time corners, and so forth. Sure, you can tell yourself,
    > "It's only one year." But that's from YOUR perspective. Those
    > children will have exactly ONE eighth-grade ELL teacher in
    > their entire lives, and right now that's YOU, so if you stay in
    > that classroom, it's your responsibility to be 100% present and
    > focused on THEIR needs, not your own outside time challenges.
    > You simply won't be able to do both things well. You need to
    > decide which is more important to you. Then drop the other
    > thing, if only for now, and throw all your time and energy
    > behind Door #1.
    > On 9/22/13, Busy intern AND teacher in Florida! wrote:
    >> I'm currently teaching 8th grade language arts while taking
    >> my last two courses for administrative certification. One
    >> of these courses is the internship, and I've chosen an
    >> approach that incorporates both elementary and middle
    >> school experiences.
    >> The challenge is finding the time to complete the required
    >> 90 hours of experiences while teaching full-time. I have a
    >> few colleagues who have done this while working in an
    >> administrative position, such as a dean or even as a CRT.
    >> They reported few issues due to the nature of their jobs.
    >> I'm trying to avoid taking personal days, but I'm not sure
    >> how I'll be able to complete the hours without taking time
    >> off. I did not do this over the summer because I wanted to
    >> have the chance to work with a principal while school was
    >> in session.
    >> I would appreciate any suggestions for tasks that could be
    >> completed outside of school. I'm looking at planning a
    >> brief inservice of some kind, doing some data analysis at
    >> home, and so forth.
    >> I would also like to hear any suggestions regarding
    >> experiences you feel are absolutely essential for the
    >> internship. I will be taking some personal days next month.
    >> Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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