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    Posted by: First question needs to be, "What's best for my students?" on 9/29/13
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    Address the situation immediately with the college you're
    PAYING to get you through the admin credentialing process.
    Remember that you are their CUSTOMER, and they should be
    helping you with an appropriate placement. They really should
    have done this over the summer. I've never heard of an
    administrative internship, but it obviously shouldn't involve
    working full-time in a position that has nothing to do with
    administration, then scrambling around to do 90 extra hours in
    admin work...when, after school??

    Honestly, I'm not seeing any way that's going to work well for
    anyone. You WILL need to take time off to, effectively, take
    on a second job during the hours you're already working.
    That's absolutely cheating the students. It's reprehensible
    that your college advisers even allowed the situation to get
    this far.

    If you want to stay in the classroom, tell your college that
    you need to complete the admin credential next semester, or
    over the summer, or next year, when you'll have time to do it.

    If you really want to complete the internship now, then you
    need to get out of the Language Arts gig so you can do that,
    and so the students have either a good long-term sub or a
    replacement teacher who can give them their full attention.
    Language Arts is too important a subject, particularly in
    eighth grade, for the teacher to be coming and going, trying to
    cut time corners, and so forth. Sure, you can tell yourself,
    "It's only one year." But that's from YOUR perspective. Those
    children will have exactly ONE eighth-grade ELL teacher in
    their entire lives, and right now that's YOU, so if you stay in
    that classroom, it's your responsibility to be 100% present and
    focused on THEIR needs, not your own outside time challenges.

    You simply won't be able to do both things well. You need to
    decide which is more important to you. Then drop the other
    thing, if only for now, and throw all your time and energy
    behind Door #1.

    On 9/22/13, Busy intern AND teacher in Florida! wrote:
    > I'm currently teaching 8th grade language arts while taking
    > my last two courses for administrative certification. One
    > of these courses is the internship, and I've chosen an
    > approach that incorporates both elementary and middle
    > school experiences.
    > The challenge is finding the time to complete the required
    > 90 hours of experiences while teaching full-time. I have a
    > few colleagues who have done this while working in an
    > administrative position, such as a dean or even as a CRT.
    > They reported few issues due to the nature of their jobs.
    > I'm trying to avoid taking personal days, but I'm not sure
    > how I'll be able to complete the hours without taking time
    > off. I did not do this over the summer because I wanted to
    > have the chance to work with a principal while school was
    > in session.
    > I would appreciate any suggestions for tasks that could be
    > completed outside of school. I'm looking at planning a
    > brief inservice of some kind, doing some data analysis at
    > home, and so forth.
    > I would also like to hear any suggestions regarding
    > experiences you feel are absolutely essential for the
    > internship. I will be taking some personal days next month.
    > Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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