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    Posted by: lynne on 9/23/13
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    How long to you have to complete the 90 hours, and what the
    requirements - i.e. one big ongoing project, or an hour here
    and an hour there, or (most likely) something in between? For
    the program I did several years ago, we had to do a series of
    20-hour projects.

    Anyway, ideas which may or may not fit your needs... filling
    in when an admin is out, as has been mentioned... lead a
    committee or after-school program or other project... take the
    lead in a change your school is undergoing... be a testing
    coordinator... take a leadership role in writing/revising a
    school plan such as budget, emergency preparedness, parent
    involvement, etc... after-school sports supervision at the
    high school if that's feasible (perhaps not since you
    mentioned elementary/middle school, but it's good way to
    accumulate lots of hours outside the school day!)... conduct a
    needs assessment survey (staff, students, and/or parents) and
    analyze the results to identify needs and formulate a way to
    address them... etc.

    On 9/22/13, Busy intern AND teacher in Florida! wrote:

    > I'm currently teaching 8th grade language arts while taking

    > my last two courses for administrative certification. One

    > of these courses is the internship, and I've chosen an

    > approach that incorporates both elementary and middle

    > school experiences.


    > The challenge is finding the time to complete the required

    > 90 hours of experiences while teaching full-time. I have a

    > few colleagues who have done this while working in an

    > administrative position, such as a dean or even as a CRT.

    > They reported few issues due to the nature of their jobs.


    > I'm trying to avoid taking personal days, but I'm not sure

    > how I'll be able to complete the hours without taking time

    > off. I did not do this over the summer because I wanted to

    > have the chance to work with a principal while school was

    > in session.


    > I would appreciate any suggestions for tasks that could be

    > completed outside of school. I'm looking at planning a

    > brief inservice of some kind, doing some data analysis at

    > home, and so forth.


    > I would also like to hear any suggestions regarding

    > experiences you feel are absolutely essential for the

    > internship. I will be taking some personal days next month.


    > Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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