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    Posted by: Busy intern AND teacher in Florida! on 10/06/13
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    Thanks for the tips. My problem is the mommy side. My kids are 8 and
    11, so this semester has been tough so far. I'm stretched a bit thin,
    but it's working out. I appreciate the responses I've received here. I
    think just "talking it out" has helped me a great deal.

    Busy Intern

    On 9/29/13, Nicole wrote:
    > I worked every conference and planning period with an AP. I also
    > assisted with testing and ESL, invaluable experience. I also did
    > research for the principal on expanding the AP program...all legit
    > hours. In fact, I put in more because I wanted a job at the
    > HS.....and I got it! Work your tail off!!! BTW, I was taking 9 grad
    > hours and teaching HS pap English and remediation courses at the
    > time. It can be done and done well. You will have no social life and
    > hopefully have a supportive spouse:)
    > 9/25/13, ..busy intern AND teacher wrote:
    >> I'm sorry.. I forgot to say that I'm supposed to complete 30
    >> hours a month in September, October, and November. Everything
    >> has to be turned in at the end of the November, so it ends up
    >> being around 8 to 10 hours per week.
    >> Thanks to you both for the ideas.
    >> On 9/23/13, mc wrote:
    >>> I remember candidates (who were usually heads of departments
    >>> but teaching full time) getting experience in the main office
    >>> when administration was out and when extra administration was
    >>> needed. Ideally, your principal should be aware and on board
    >>> with what you are doing. Also, what about night school or
    >>> summer school positions?
    >>> On 9/22/13, Busy intern AND teacher in Florida! wrote:
    >>>> I'm currently teaching 8th grade language arts while taking
    >>>> my last two courses for administrative certification. One
    >>>> of these courses is the internship, and I've chosen an
    >>>> approach that incorporates both elementary and middle
    >>>> school experiences.
    >>>> The challenge is finding the time to complete the required
    >>>> 90 hours of experiences while teaching full-time. I have a
    >>>> few colleagues who have done this while working in an
    >>>> administrative position, such as a dean or even as a CRT.
    >>>> They reported few issues due to the nature of their jobs.
    >>>> I'm trying to avoid taking personal days, but I'm not sure
    >>>> how I'll be able to complete the hours without taking time
    >>>> off. I did not do this over the summer because I wanted to
    >>>> have the chance to work with a principal while school was
    >>>> in session.
    >>>> I would appreciate any suggestions for tasks that could be
    >>>> completed outside of school. I'm looking at planning a
    >>>> brief inservice of some kind, doing some data analysis at
    >>>> home, and so forth.
    >>>> I would also like to hear any suggestions regarding
    >>>> experiences you feel are absolutely essential for the
    >>>> internship. I will be taking some personal days next month.
    >>>> Thanks in advance for any help you can provide

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